Hosted Cloud Telephony

Fully Managed System

Mobile Seat

You can have a single Mobile Telephone Seat.

Single Hosted Seat

You can have as many or as little seats as you need there is no minimum or maximum amounts

Multi Seats

You can have multi seats ,  as many as you need not just on one site but as many different sites as you need with free calls from site to site.

Sip Trunks

We can provide a telephone system with SIP trunks if you don’t need hosted telephones

Total Control Of  Your System

There is little or no upfront capital outlay with hosted telephony, you only pay a monthly set cost making it easy to factor into your budgets. Internal calls are usually free and maintenance costs are reduced as there is no hardware.

Whether your employees work from home, from a mobile device, in the office or via hot-desking, everyone can connect easily and flexibly.

Hosted Seats

Our Hosted Seats are only on a rolling 30 day contract ,You can stop them at any time.

24/7/365 Support

Always get the best support and it is included in the Seat.

Free DDI Number

Every seat has a free direct dial number with voice mail box.

Call Recording

Call recording is free for 30 days on all seats

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